London, 1980. Sid Vicious is dead. Punk is past it. Mods are old hat. A new youth cult is, according to its bizarre disciples, set to sweep Britain. Based on the true story of the small London club and its visionary "New Romantic" inhabitants that changed the world. 


BLITZ was performed on September 24th - 28th 2019

at the Alex Theatre St Kilda. 


Steve: Callum Mackay 

Joanie: Madeleine Magee Carr 

Mick: Edward McCullough 

Lisa: Lucy Seale  


Director / Writer / Sound Design: Ebony Rattle

Head of Wardrobe: Emily Busch 

Head of Makeup: Rebecca Nosiara 

Show Technician: Jan Wong 

BLITZ was made possible under a grant program from
Port Philip City Council. 


All photographs by Naomi Lee Beveridge.