Regarding sound engineering, my artistic practise is based primarily on exploring sonic soundscapes and furthering my career as a sound engineer for a variety of different performance types. I am eager to learn new ways of utilising the technologies available to us and listening to the ways different techniques provide us with new ways of listening. I am very much interested in aural soundscapes and sound as an experience. 

I have formal qualifications in sound engineering and live events practice through studying under a traineeship program offered by one of Australia's largest performing arts complexes, where I studied under some of the world's greatest sound engineers. I feel extremely privileged to be given the opportunity to have shadowed and worked alongside these people, and believe that this has had an incredible contribution to the techniques I have learned and the way that I work.


I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Literature/Film (Distinction) from Swinburne University of Technology and am an emerging writer, with works being performed at prominent independent theatre houses across Melbourne. While my current practise is currently theatre-based, I am also very interested in exploring other mediums to create art and tell stories, and have been spending time writing for film and television. 

I have a particular interest in exploring narrative through lived experiences, and I am curious in utilising new technologies and exploring other mediums in order to create work that is not defined by a singular structure. 

I also work as a mentor in sound engineering, and you can regularly see me teaching the next generation of sound engineers at Girls Rock! camps. 

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photographs by keishi sawahira